Canary Islands

Corralejo in the north of Fuerteventura impresses with great sand dunes and beautiful beaches.
Typical house
The Canary Islands are a stunning paradise of cactuses.
Some refurbished mills in Fuerteventura withstand storm and sunshine.
The locals of Lanzarote call this impenetrable lava desert "mal pais", i. e. bad land.
Nevertheless, Aloe Vera is growing there. The Products derived from it are sold throughout the islands.
Local lava gardens are used for agriculture.
El Golfo is a beautiful fishing village in the southwest of Lanzarote.
The Salinas de Janubio are the only saltworks still operating on Lanzarote.
Yaiza in the south of Lanzarote is a charming little town. It is one of the prettiest on the island.
La Gaciosa is a charming small island in the north of Lanzarote.
Lava dry stone walls protecting grape vines on volcanic ash field La Gueria.