Spring tours

We bikers long for spring. Nature awakens and is renewed. The temperatures become pleasant again. Everyone is delighted by the bloom. Spring is an ideal season for wonderful biking.

The Cherry Blossom in Baselland is a fascinating spectacle every year. It is called Bluescht. There are Bluescht-Tours on the Cherry-Route.
blue lilies
The Narcissus in the Vaud Riviera.

The Vaud Riviera (Riviera vaudoise) forms the eastern part of the northern shores of Lake Geneva above Vevey and Montreux. This Riviera is surrounded by impressive mountains. Up there you can witness a real miracle of nature: every year in May pastures are covered by narcissus in full bloom.

The journey from Châtel Saint Denis is beautiful.
There is even a brook to cross.
Then you start seeing the incredibly beautiful narcissus fields, which also smell amazingly.
The mountain air makes you hungry. The Restaurant in Cergniaulaz is a real insider's tip. The food is delicious. Just right for pleasure bikers who get their money's worth.
On the way back to Châtel Saint Denis we can once again admire these unique narcissus fields.