The Jura route leads through mysterious landscapes, remote high valleys with fir trees and lively streams. It’s always a highlight to bike here.

The Freiberge (Franches Montagnes) are characterized by wide, quiet landscapes with meadows, firs, grazing cows and horses. At the center of this elevated plain lies the charming village of Saignelégier. This is all about the Freiberger horses. You can see them on the pastures ...
... and even in the roundabout at the village entrance ...
... and one buys his horse of life here in the cradle of the Freiberge.
Here, you are completely off the beaten track in beautiful countryside. Suddenly comes one of the many Bovi stops. What's that exactly?
Bovi is an ox. A Bovi stop leaves the road open for traffic and pedestrians but is impossible for hoofed animals to cross.
Coming across mixed herds of cattle and horses is a common sight up here.
The warning sign at the Bovi stop alerts you to the risks associated with suckler cows instinctively trying to protect their calves. There are accidents every year. Hikers with dogs are preferred targets.
The medieval little town of St. Ursanne is one of the most beautiful places in Switzerland.
Saint Ursanne is surrounded by the river Doubs ....
... and is an important hub for many wonderful cycling trails, MTB tracks and hiking trails in the Swiss Jura.
Visit the Ajoie region in the Tafeljura.

The French-speaking Ajoie forms the northern part of the canton of Jura. It is bordered in the west by France and in the north by the Alsatian Sundgau.

I made a round trip of 73 km and 670 altimeters.
Here we ride on the French side in the direction of Delle towards the northern turning point of the tour.
In this little church, a star gardener was allowed to run riot by planting a jumbobonsai.
At Pfetterhouse there are historical boundry stones separating Switzerland from France. They are a bit hidden in the forest.
The three neighboring municipalities are also depicted on the stones:
Pure nature is found in romantic moor ponds.

Etang du Milieu (center pond)
Pond Rougeat