other tours

Here you see pictures from different tours within a 120 km radius of Bern.

Lake Wohlen near Bern
The Steinisweg Bridge at Lake Wohlen is difficult to ride. Downhill it works. Uphill I'd better push the bike.
Aare river near Mühleberg
old wooden bridge near Büren on the Aare river
Walperswil Bridge at the Aare-Hagnek Canal. A cozy place to take a break.
Climb to the Mont Vully at Lake Murten
Typical scenery between Romont and Murten on the Veloland-Herzroute 99. I like to make tours in such landscapes on small rural roads.
Ulmizberg (937 meters above sea level) with the telecom tower of Swisscom
View from Zimmerwald to the Belpberg. Such light and cloud formations cannot be seen every day.
Cattle show in Dittligen near Thun. The breeders bring their best premium cows to the arena. Each animal is well-groomed and ready for evaluation by the judges. Here the city kids can see where the milk comes from.
Viaduct of Grandfey near Freiburg. This is an old multifunctional bridge. Above the trains run on the line Bern - Freiburg - Lausanne - Geneva. Below it has a path for pedestrians, eBike rider and common bikers.
Cornfield near Solothurn
summery Emmental