This tour goes from Châtel-Saint-Denis to Mont Pèlerin down into the vineyards of the Lavaux on the shores of Lake of Geneva. A visit to the Lavaux is always worthwhile.

Television tower on Mont Pèlerin
View of Lake Geneva
Further down we come to the famous Lavaux vineyards on the north-eastern shores of Lake Geneva.
The most common grape variety in the Lavaux is the "Chasselas" (Gutedel).
The famous wine-growing village of St. Saphorin
At this top location wonderful Pinot Noir (Blauburgunder) is pressed.
In the background you can see Vevey. Here are the headquarters of the multinational company Nestlé.
The vineyard slopes are steep and terraced. Most of the work here is done by hand. There are also small transport facilities to aid with the vintage.