Rain Forest

Daintree Rain Forest near Cairns in Queensland is one of the oldest rain forests on the planet. Part of the forest is the nature reserve of Daintree National Park. Only a select few groups of tourists per day are allowed to visit the tropical location with such off-road vehicles.
This area all left to itself is huge and impenetrable.
Every so often picturesque rivers have to be crossed.
The beauty of the rain forest
Rain forest lake
Rather small birds live in this jungle, e.g. the laughing and impudent Kookaburra from the Kingfisher family.
Age-old jungle giants are often found (> 400 years).
Such animal bridges are built to enable forest animals living in the tree crowns (such as possums) to easily cross the track.
The good old military camouflage was invented by the tropical rain forest. Neither the military nor the fashion industry pay royalties.
The sting tree looks harmless. It is, however, without any doubt one of the most dangerous plants on earth. Whoever touches it is poisoned and stung a thousandfold by ultra-fine silicone hairs. The pain is diabolical and continues for a whole three months, even if the burnt patches are treated in the hospital with all conceivable therapies.
The rain forest changes into bush where somewhat less rain falls. Eucalyptus trees are an important source of food for many animal species.
Those who are lucky enough can even spot kangaroos in the adjacent bush.