Cairns City Center
Crown Hotel Cairns
Do you have such a beautiful tree in your city?
Christmas Shopping
Typical Aussie Houses
Dream beach near Daintree
Aussies love their SUVs (also pejoratively known as „Toorak Tractors“ and boat ramps.
Termites' nests
Breeding Bird
The extremely rare cassowary is the second-largest bird in Australia and the third-largest non-extinct bird in the world (after the ostrich and emu).

Large irrigation sprinklers are needed in this tropical climate.
Sugar cane cultures are dominant in Victoria Queensland.
Banana Culture
These cows withstand the tropical sun of Queensland, because they have genes from India. They get massages and can listen to Mozart music. The best meat quality is sold to Japanese aficionados paying up to $200 for a steak.
Yungaburra is a pioneer settlement located on the Atherton Tableland, not far from Cairns. It is 750 m above sea level and has a resident population of approximately 1000.
Such War Birds are testimony to Australia's contribution to World War II.